Sunshine film - SunlingI wish for an enormous kaleidoscope to spy on my neighbors. Don’t get me twisted. I just want to watch their souls going about with their lives like no one is watching. There’s always somebody watching. Even right now as I sit by my computer with all doors and windows closed…one window is open…and closet taped with duct; somebody or something is watching. I have a closet that keeps opening itself in the night and with my hyperactive imagination, I might give myself a code black one. Clunk! So, duct better keep the whatever at bay.

Watching the lights in the opposite building opposite, I can’t help but wonder; how the f@k are they able to sleep with all windows closed in these hell scorching summer nights?! I mean a few floors have ACs attached. Seriously, I am here melting adipose. Soon I will be scooped off the floor with a spade. I’m on the verge of sleeping on the metallic bars of the bed because the mattress just builds up the heat. I drink too much water. I’m worried about the bill. I am leaving DNA all over the place of sweat, sticky adipose, and skin flakes. The other day I decided to go out for a walk and I will never do it again until winter comes! I might as well start sweating bits of my soul because I have nothing left to offer the sun god, RA! And here I was thinking all this sun would tone down my roundness. It’s maintaining the roundness while making me sizzle in my own skin.

I am covered in a kanga. It’s the only cloth that doesn’t make me want to cut it off and run around in my blob-like Adam’s suit. My skin is so dry and cracking. I might be bleeding in some parts as I strain my fingers to type. I feel like a well stretched hide. I won’t need much processing to make a $250,000 Lana Marks Cleopatra bag. If you sense some strange smell, I’m walking by. A cockroach died the other day. My feet used to be a Nubian burnt brown but here I am looking down at ashy cracked ginger toes. Creepy, I must add. My hair is in a constant knot. The last thing I want to lose is my pony tip flying off in the dry summer breeze. It already feels like poor quality cotton. If I were a colorful troll, I would’ve been the biggest disappointment in the village. A few weeks back, I bought several hair products and sent prayers to all gods known to man and celestial beings alike so that my skull whiskers can kiss their former glory once again. Fingers and toes crossed tightly.

So, like I said there’s someone watching outside. I can see them watching me watching them. I have been really lonely these past few days with all the constant moving. Not complaining, in case God is listening. But well yearning for a human constant connection is something that can’t be explained. I may not want them physically but just knowing they noticed me causes a weird feeling of warmth in my heart. Nicer than the summer grill I’m under. And makes me forget about whatever is going on in my closet. Clunk!

There are fewer lights on now. A small breeze spins outside but not strong enough to get rid of the demonic heat in the room. I yawn from hunger. I ate an hour back a good hippo sized meal. This indoor basking is forcing me to debauch the contents in the fridge. I’ve even started on my Zombie Preparedness Stash. Good bye to my former self permanently. It’s midnight now and something just flew passed my window. That’s my cue to enter my oven of a bed before I attract myself a Romanian vampire. See you on the crispy side of the morning.

Clunk! Clunk! Goes the whatever in the closet!

Evelyn Nec

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